My fiction writing focuses primarily on literary fiction, although I
have also worked in the mystery and science fiction genres.

My short stories have been published in:
  • Writers' Journal
  • Byline Magazine
  • New England Writers' Network
  • Riverwalk Journal

In addition, I have won or placed in the following national writing
  • First place, Writers' Journal Fiction Contest, for
    "The Man of Emotions"
  • First place, Photo Story Contest, The Time is Write, for
    "Dioramas" (read story)
  • Second place, La Belle Lettre Mystery Competition, for
    "Concerning Gracian Middlebury"
  • Semifinalist, Ramble Underground 50/50 Fiction Contest,
    for "Nine Times Out of Ten"
  • Honorable mention, Riverwalk Journal, for "The
    Larchmont Campaign" (read story)

    I am currently seeking an agent for my first novel,
    entitled "The Bargain," a light-hearted adventure
    about the power of fate, the lure of beauty, and the
    joy of  kidnapping.

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